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Self-Organized Social Clinic/Pharmacy (

N.Filadelfeia, N.Chalkidona and neighbouring areas


What is the Self-Organized Social Clinic/Pharmacy?

A.K.I.Φ. is a social project, an initiative open to anyone (either working in Health Care or not) who would like to participate by providing services without financial consideration to our fellow citizens who do not have health insurance or are unemployed, to immigrants-refugees and even to citizens who have social insurance but are not able to meet their medical costs.

It is particularly important to make known that the target of A.K.I.Φ. is NOT be coming a substitute for declining public health structures (because we do not have the illusion that we are able and because we, definitely, don’t want to). Also, it is important to state that we are opposed to any concept or type of charity that fosters passivity and works vertically in a top-down process (from the strong-wealth people to the weak-poor). We consider the current political and economic situation as an emergency situation, as a war against society with human losses either bodily or mentally. Therefore, in this war, we stand as allies to weak people claiming high quality national health care services as a liability of the state and a right of all citizens.

The space where AKIΦ operates was allocated by the Municipality of N.Filadelfeia through struggles and arousals of the “Initiative for the creation of the Clinic”.

Features – Principles – Operating Conditions

  • Decisions are taken collectively at the weekly open assembly of A.K.I.Φ. which functions as the supreme authority of the clinic. It operates through direct democracy in turn: unanimously, synthesis of views or the large majority of those present and decisions bind those absent. Nobody is entitled to appear as a representative of the assembly without any prior delegation from it and for a particular purpose. All participants are expected to show respect to others, to defend freedom of expression and no kind of physical or verbal violence is allowed.

  • The primary health care, medication and psychological support from A.K.I.Φ. is offered without any distinction in race, colour, origin, sexual orientation or religion. Any kind of racist, nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic or fascist behaviour or practice is not acceptable.

  • We don’t follow orders or assignments, we don’t identify with state sectors, specific political areas or public NGOs. We operate autonomously and there is only one and unique commitment that is the open assembly decisions. We do not allow any political party to use or exploit the results of our volunteers’ offer.
    We do not advertise private individuals corporations or organizations that support us with donations or services.

  • The character of the clinic is activistic. We don’ t just provide medical care and psychological assistance to economically weak and excluded people, but we try to work together to empower and mobilize the local community. It is more necessary than ever to stand beside each other and not opposite, to share experiences, problems, needs and desires in order to break the logic of delegations, the feeling of resignation and helplessness/deadlock, the passive monitoring through practice in self-organization. We need partners/associates and not spectators or fans.
    We seek to create extroverted activities and events in order to communicate the reason of our existence and the principles of autonomy and self-organization to the local community so that society itself with its effective/factual/hands-on involvement-participation to define the management of the clinic.

  • A.K.I.Φ. supports an anti-hierarchical mode of operation (what we call horizontal processes), equal participation (doctors-secretariat-technicians, etc.). It functions based on solidarity as a horizontal parity process, mutual respect and mutual support. It’ s important for residents to participate in the assembly and in the staffing of the whole project so that there is equal managment of A.K.I.F.

  • The main objective and belief of those who participate in the clinic is that solidarity is offered on a reciprocal basis and not unilaterally, since we are all potentially immigrants, homeless, unemployed, precarious workers, without access to healthcare.

  • We support/cooperate with other social projects which their aim is the creation of a society where everyone, without exception, will have fair and equal access to jobs, health, housing, learning and culture.

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131 El. Venizelou & Chiou, tel. 0030 215 5053268 Filadelfeia

Self-Organized Social Clinic/Pharmacy (Α.Κ.Ι.Φ.) of N.Filadelfeia, N.Chalkidona and neighbouring areas